Complaint Policy

Complaint Handling Procedure

We take our work seriously. We want to resolve your concern or complaint as effectively as possible. Our complaint policy is set out below.

(1) In this Complaints Handling Procedure the words “we”, “us” and “our” mean Ashton Legal. Ashton Legal is authorised and regulated by the New Zealand Law Society.

(2) In the provision of our legal services to you, we are required to:

(2)(a) Act competently, in a timely way, and in accordance with instructions received and arrangements made.

(2)(b) Protect and promote your interests and act for you free from compromising influences or loyalties.

(2)(c) Discuss with you your objectives and how they should best be achieved.

(2)(d) Give you information about the work to be done, who will do it, and the way the services will be provided.

(2)(e) Charge you a fee that is fair and reasonable and let you know how and when you will be billed.

(2)(f) Give you clear information and advice.

(2)(g) Protect your privacy and ensure appropriate confidentiality.

(2)(h) Treat you fairly, respectfully and without discrimination.

(2)(i) Keep you informed about the work being done and advise you when it is completed.

(2)(j) Let you know how to make a complaint and deal with any complaint promptly and fairly.

(3) If you are concerned or unhappy with any aspect of our service then we encourage you to follow the complaints procedure set out in this document.

(4) If we have to change any of the time frames above, we will let you know and explain why.

Our Complaints Policy

(5) We are committed to providing a high quality legal service to all our clients. However, we also accept that mistakes, misunderstandings, delays and other errors can occur.

(6) When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to maintain and improve our service to you.

(7) We will deal with your complaint in a professional and upfront manner. We do not want our clients to feel uncomfortable about letting us know if anything is bothering them.

(8) We will not charge you for handling your complaint.

How to complain to us

(9) You may choose how you wish to communicate your complaint to us.

(10) Some matters can be easily dealt with by a phone call or even a text message to let us know there is an issue about our service that you would like to discuss.

(11) If you feel as though the complaint requires additional context, then in you can write to us by email or post.

What will happen next?

(12) We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and enclose a copy of this procedure within 3 working days of receiving your complaint.

(13) In our acknowledgment we will discuss the prospect of dealing with the issue in an informal and upfront manner to get things back on track.

(14) If the issue cannot be dealt with informally, we will then investigate your complaint in full.

(15) You will then be invited to a meeting in-person or by telephone to try to resolve your complaint. This will be done within 5 working days of sending you the acknowledgement letter.

Within 3 working days of the meeting, we will write to you to confirm what took place and any solutions or remedies agreed with you.

(17) If you do not want a meeting or it is not possible to hold one, we will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint, including suggestions for resolving the matter, within 21 working days of sending you the acknowledgement letter.

(18) If you are still not satisfied, you should contact us again. If we both agree, we can try to arrange:

(18)(a) for the complaint to be reviewed by another lawyer who is familiar with client care and complaints; or

(18)(b) for independent mediation or dispute resolution facilitation to be conducted by a local organisation.

What if I am still not satisfied?

(19) At any time, or if you are still not satisfied after going through the process above, you can contact the Lawyers Complaints Service operated by the New Zealand Law Society. You can contact the Lawyers Complaints Service by:

(19)(a) Phone: 0800 261 801

(19)(b) Email:

(19)(c) Website:

(20) If you make a complaint to the Lawyers Complaints Service we will comply with the process required by the New Zealand Law Society.