Insurance Law

Help with insurance law.

Insurance is a necessity of life which means everyone eventually needs advice on insurance law.

Unfortunately, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with.

If you’re having trouble dealing with your insurance company then we’ll give you the right advice to help with all types of insurance matters.

All types of insurance law.

Whether you’ve had a fire in the kitchen, a crash in the car or your business had to stop work then we can help guide you through the process with our knowledge of insurance.

Insurer refusing to pay out.

It’s more common than you think for insurance companies to come up with hard-to-understand decisions.

If the big boys are using our own insurance policy against you then it’s time to get someone on your side.

Business insurance.

We can fix up what has gone wrong with your business. Heaps of businesses have business interruption and machinery insurance but they don’t make claims.

If something goes wrong, we’ll give you practical help to get through to the end.

Car insurance law and accidents.

Some of the stickiest situations come from car accidents.

If you’re in a crash then you’ve got both insurance law and traffic law to deal with. In some cases the insurance companies (and even the Police) can get it wrong.

It’s even worse if you’re left to deal with the other driver’s insurance company.

House and contents insurance law.

Your house is your biggest investment. When something goes wrong you need to make sure you protect your most important asset. Getting good legal advice can be the difference between a claim being accepted or denied.

Resolving insurance problems.

Whether you need to make a claim, negotiate a settlement or go to court or the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman we will help you along the way.

Contact us to see the ways we can help.