Limited Licences

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What is a limited licence?

A limited licence (sometimes called a work licence) is a temporary licence that is available to disqualified and suspended drivers.

The District Court can grant the licence if the disqualification would cause extreme hardship to the disqualified driver or undue hardship to another person.

Are you eligible to apply for a limited licence?

The Land Transport Act 1998 sets out who can apply, who cannot apply and when the Court can grant a limited licence to a disqualified driver.

The New Zealand Police also play a big role in the process. The Police can oppose your application if they disagree with it. Therefore if the Police approve your application in advance then you are far more likely to be successful.

Take a look at our guide (Available here in PDF) to identify any pitfalls you might face. Just follow the arrows in the diagram to see whether you may be eligible.

How can Ashton Legal help you get a limited licence?

We will make the application process easy for you. We do the following work for you:

  • Get the story from you and other people
  • Give you legal advice on what you need to do
  • Prepare the paperwork
  • Talk with the police
  • File the documents in the Court
  • Represent you at the hearing

We make sure that your application has everything it needs to have the best chance of success.

Do you need a lawyer?

A lawyer gives you the best chance of a successful application. If your application is not accepted then you must wait 3 months before making another application. There are some guides available on the internet to help you make an application on your own but it can be risky and complicated.