Rob Ashton – Principal

Rob Ashton – Principal


  • Admitted Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of New South Wales (September 2019)
  • Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand (July 2010)
  • Master of Laws
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & American Studies)
  • Certificate of Science (Psychology)

About Rob Ashton

Rob Ashton was admitted to the bar in July 2010. Since then he has worked for a local Christchurch law firm, the Residential Advisory Service and the Ministry of Justice (Christchurch High Court). He has run Ashton Legal since February 2017.

He has represented clients in the Disputes Tribunal, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Employment Mediation Services, the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman, the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Service and other alternative dispute resolution services.

Rob’s most recent position as Judicial Support Advisor at the Christchurch High Court allowed him to make a wide variety of contacts in the legal and insurance industries. He actively managed the Christchurch Earthquake Litigation List for just over three years. Rob provided expert legal, social and statistical advice to the Earthquake List Judges, the wider judiciary and the Ministry of Justice.

Prior to running the Earthquake List, Rob worked with Community Law Canterbury, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and FairWay Resolution Limited to create the Residential Advisory Service (RAS). RAS is a hugely successful earthquake and insurance law advice service that provides free legal services to homeowners in disputes with their insurer or EQC. In 2013 Rob developed the legal and technology resources required to provide a complete mobile insurance law advice service to thousands of clients. Rob was the first lawyer to work for the highly successful service which still continues to operate in 2017.

Rob started his legal career as a general practice lawyer for Community Law Canterbury. He advised and represented clients in employment law, insurance law, family law, consumer law, traffic law and criminal law. He was selected by Community Law Canterbury to provide earthquake and insurance advice to client at the Earthquake Assistance Centres where he advised hundreds of clients on their earthquake and insurance law issues.

Rob enjoys a wide variety of activities outside of work including cricket, indoor cricket, watching cricket, electric bikes, home brewing, computers and spending time with family.